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GBA Link Cable Emulator VBALink

VBALink - Gameboy Advance Link Cable / Multiplayer GBA roms emulator.

KiGB v1.42
Posted by dmb062082 on Tuesday, June 10 @ 16:40:44 EDT (1 reads)
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GBC emu, heres whats new:
-Supported loading of gzipped ROM files.
-Allowed the change in emulation speed: 25%, 50%, 100%, 200% and 400%.
-Allowed to select the emulation of Gameboy types: Gameboy, Gameboy
Color and/or Super Gameboy.
-Allowed to select the emulation preference: GBC with SGB border, GBC over SGB over GB or SGB over GBC over GB. The first option will try to draw a SGB border while stays in GBC emulation mode.
-Allowed to customize the Gameboy palettes. The customized palettes are stored in per-game configuration. n64 pokemon ruby download gba roms snes rom mame roms download sega .

-Added more options in the user interface.

Bugs Fixed:
-Hung when connected uisng the Game Link Cable feature. Fixed.
-Random hung when playing for a few minutes. Fixed.
-Loading new ROMs while in listening mode would crash. Fixed.
-The upper part of border in full screen mode disappeared when back in game play after showing the menu. Fixed.
-The screen did not adjust when a game was loaded with different border settings of the current one. Fixed.
-Fixed a crash bug when default border image was changed while no ROM was loaded.
-The character '&' was displayed incorrectly in the recent file list. Fixed.
-Removed the 'mouse dropping' during LCD was disabled in GB/SGB mode.
Get from here

Posted by dmb062082 on Tuesday, June 10 @ 16:40:00 EDT (1 reads)
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Unofficial ZSNES, heres whats new:
-More C4 Fixes (DOWN LOAD, MALU, Op 13, and more)
Get from here

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Hey Just introducing myself
Posted by HoRnEyDvL on Tuesday, June 10 @ 05:30:54 EDT (0 reads)
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Well Guess What im a new member to the site & will be helping dmb062082 maintain news on his website so expect afew post from me. I specify in the xbox so all you other console fans sorry leting yous down :). As you might no me im also the teamanager of XdashOs & run the site which is www.xboxopensource.com

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signing off

Posted by dmb062082 on Monday, June 09 @ 15:52:24 EDT (66 reads)
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PJ64-X V0.06
Release Info:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COMPLEX is proud to present PJ64-X the first ever working N64 Emulator with sound support. based on Project 64 sources.

- Graphics
- Sound
- 4 Controllers with full analog support
- Mempaks
- Savestates
- 8, 12 and some 16Meg Roms like Banjo Kazooie.
- expermimental 32Meg support.

Emuvortex.com Emu Vortex Forum & Download GBA roms + Best Flash Linkers

Avalaunch 0.46.1 BUGFIX RELEASE
Posted by dmb062082 on Monday, June 09 @ 05:04:42 EDT (2 reads)
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changelog 0.46.1 BUGFIX RELEASE
Launching of apps with no icon now works
Quickstart works
FTP server issues will be fixed ASAP an released shortly )

Avalaunch 0.46 released
Posted by dmb062082 on Monday, June 09 @ 01:13:25 EDT (3 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

**** changelog 0.46 ****
- Added DVD icon as a part of the main menu
- Fixed a bug in the screensaver. Now you can also deactivate the screensaver using a keyboard.
- Fixed another input-related bug. Keyboards didn't work if there were no controllers attached.
- Added fast scrolling in the menus. Press right trigger to speed up the menu scrolling.
- Fixed so that when pressing back in auto added sub lists the previous menu will be activated (not the main menu)
- Fixed some spanish translations
- Added special support for FTP clients that "forgets" to create dirs before uploading.
- Removed FATX2
- Added FATX3 createdir
- Added FATX3 createfile
- Added FATX3 open file fileformat : abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234~1234567.ext
- Added FATX3 Findfirst-series calls
- Added FATX3 load database function as init
- Added FATX3 char PossibleToCreateThisFile( char *filenameWithPath ) for the mofo ftp-clients
- Fixed FATX3 error that prevented uploading of new identical files - but ended up as a "identical file" in same dir. looks weird with 10 identical files in same dir btw
- Fixed FATX3 dupe problem, caused it to never overwrite if same filename found in root dir.
- Added FATX3 renaming. Atm it will only work if you rename in "legal" dirs (short dirs) fixing soon
- Added FATX3 deleting of both file and dir
- Optimized network settings so we might get some higher transferspeeds, seen variated results tho, 5400 -> 8200 uploadspeeds
- Now wait's half a second more before launching applications - thx to skorchir we found that this have something to do with the LED color changing prior to launching
- (seems that some XBox's need this extra pause)
- Added SITE UNZIP command to FTP server (to unzip the given file in the current folder)
- Added SITE REFRESH command to FTP server (to refresh the menus)
- Changed all gfx's to.png except for the backdrops
- Fixed 'scroll-bug' when displaying list of save games when list returned many elements
- Fixed possible crash-bug upon launching games
- Added NTSC-J support, thanks to Docky99 for the eeprom he sendt so we could get the ntsc-j info out
- Added support for MOD, XM, S3M and IT, thanks to Lantus - r0xx0r =)
- Added Drive-Formatting to the utils - but it's been disabled until we get a proper UI for it / made installdisk that creates filesystem.
- Added proxy support
- Added playlist auto-randomizer, uses time of day as seed for always unique lists.
- Added file manager that does background downloading so that you can do some irc/telnet stuff while waiting
- (for those of you that want to keep your old XML file, just add the following line to the menu part of it):

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- Added 'Extract to current folder...' to the file manager when you have selected a ZIP file
- Changed the font used in the popup menu's
- took out MP3 playback due to complaints
- Threaded the splash to allow faster bootups, even tho it's not likely
- Added a bit more extensive check for where it's started from. Looks for what drive the xml-file is located
- Moved network setup from thread to eventsystem - and made evensystem be the one that launches the ftp after ip is setup properly
- Did a driveletter bugfix that enables avalaunch to boot from all drives

Awesome product but dont worry it wont touch chihirox when it gets the 1st english version!.

Official Site: http://www.avalaunch.dk

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VisualBoyAdvance 1.5.1 Released!
Posted by dmb062082 on Sunday, June 08 @ 16:33:44 EDT (7 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)

VisualBoyAdvance is a Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows, Linux, BeOS & Mac OS X. Only the Windows version has been updated yet.


Core changes:
- minor rendering optimization
- added support for AR codes (thanks Parasytic and PokemonHacker)
- no longer allow L+R or U+D to be reported as pressed
- fixed RTC problem on last day of the month
- fixed bug with some cheat codes that caused an invalid ROM patch
- fixed sound mixing problem with DS ratio (thanks PokemonHacker)

- added skin button support
- added AVI sound support (thanks to phaeron)
- all accelerators can now be customized or removed
- fixed full screen problem in OpenGL mode
- fixed some problems with stretch to fit
- main skin region is now optional for pure rectangular skins

SDL version:
- changed default separator on config file to a equal sign
- changed pause when inactive default to false to fix problems debugging

- added PowerPC assembly code (thanks Jeffrey Lim)

Get it from this page.

Chihirox beta 2
Posted by dmb062082 on Sunday, June 08 @ 16:14:49 EDT (11 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

Chihirox is a dashboard in development by Hikaru.
From the nfo:

This is the software for a test.
The files currently supported are SNES and GEN,PCE,NGP.
The English version will be released next time.

Official Site: http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-SanJose/4851/

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blight's SDL Input Plugin 0.0.7
Posted by dmb062082 on Saturday, June 07 @ 15:00:39 EDT (4 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

blights SDL Input Plugin is a input plugin for Linux Nintendo64 emulators. It is quite commonly used with Mupen64.

* Mouse support has been added. (x and y axix is automatically mapped to analog stick.) Also the map buttons are mapable onto n64 buttons).

Grab it from this page.

Rice's Daedalus Plugin 5.0.0
Posted by dmb062082 on Saturday, June 07 @ 14:58:26 EDT (12 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

Rice's Daedalus Plugin is a graphics plugin for Nintendo64 emulators.


Major improvements:
* better dynamic ucode detection and switching
* better screen dimension detection for EU roms
* S2DEX GBI1/GBI2, Sprite2D in both OpenGL and DirectX
* OpenGL combiner fixes
* More accurate texture loading and mapping
* Viewport, scissor in DirectX
* New features: frame skip, screen update setting, fine texture mapping

Grab it from this page.

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